Synthesia is a free game (for mac or pc) that teaches you how to play the Piano.

Scroll down to download Synthesia!

1. Go to and click Download.
2. Find a song you want to play on PianoItAll, click Download Midi.
3. Open the midi file with Synthesia and learn any song!
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In order to play Synthesia, you must have a midi keyboard (a piano that connects to your computer).

If you already have an electronic piano, look on the back to see if it has a “midi” port.

This is what a midi port looks like

 If you have a midi port, all you need is an adapter like this that connects your keyboard to your computer!


If you don’t have a keyboard yet:

If you don’t have a midi keyboard yet, the Casio CTK-2300 is a popular choice. It’s the one I use and highly recommend. It’s about $129 at, which is a great price because it sounds GREAT, has 61 keys (so it’s big enough to play most songs) and it comes with a stand, power supply and headphones.

Click here to see this

And that’s all you need!

1. Once you get your keyboard and install Synthesia, just plug it in with the supplied USB cord.
2. Find the song you want to learn on
3. Download the midi, open it with Synthesia and start playing!

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